Badgers Ukrainian Fundraiser – TOTAL raised!

We are very proud to announce the final total raised at the Badgers Ukrainian Fundraiser. We raised a whopping £1463.41!!!!!

We would like to thank all of our members for donating so generously, and we would also like to thank the many people and buinesses that offered prizes for the raffle.

So thank you (in no particular order)

  • UnderStory
  • Tanya at Manor Gym
  • Laura Hogbin at The Hilton Brighton Metropole
  • Laura Bateman and Andrew Lockwood at Livingwell Gym at Hilton Brighton Metropole
  • Jeff Taylor
  • Jon Miller
  • Ivor Gaber
  • Mary Herbert
  • Carol Wickens and her daughter
  • Nick and Jo Rivett – Nick Rivett Sports
  • Phil Grant and Albourne Estate
  • and last but not least Bethany and Scarlett for making the best lemonade and cakes ever!!!

We are so so grateful to you all

❤️   🇺🇦  ❤️   🇺🇦   ❤️   🇺🇦   ❤️

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